Air Conditioning 101

Can you imagine life without air conditioning? Your hotel room in New Orleans with no A/C… thanks. Humans, especially here in the U.S. have become very attached to their air conditioners and despite the fact that many places don’t have the need for air conditioning it is increasingly becoming an expected add-on to homes and businesses everywhere. Even thousands of years ago in Persia they couldn’t handle the heat and invented the earliest known form of air conditioning, which involved a remarkably modern system of catching wind, passing it through water and blowing it into their dwellings.

Later, in the 19 th century the first conceptions of modern air conditioning were thought up but residential use as a practical matter didn’t start until the 1950’s. Shortly thereafter use in automobiles started.

Many years later vast improvements have been made to air conditioners and nowadays you can get portable air conditioners, room air conditioners, window air conditioners (swamp coolers) and central air conditioners. The early toxic gases like ammonia and methyl chloride have been replaced with Freon, but that is not enough anymore. Freon has been damaging the ozone layer for years and recent legislation will see it phased out and totally discontinued by the year 2020.

All air conditioners work under the same theory – to take heat out of the air using some sort of ‘refrigeration’ cycle. They are also designed to lower humidity, which contributes to air comfort.

Types of Air Conditioners

1. Window Units

Next time you are driving around a big city just look up and you will see these types of air conditioning units hanging out of windows everywhere. Although unattractive from the outside, these units are made small enough to fit into window frames and can be retrofitted to existing homes or buildings making them somewhat more cost effective.

2. Portable Units

Portable air conditioners are just that – a simple unit often on wheels that can be used in multiple locations.

3. Room Units

See window units above. Also available as wall units to condition a particular space when fitting a window space is not available.

4. Central Units

These larger units are often combined with a central heat unit to provide both heating and cooling. Often more energy efficient, today it is important to look for the energy star rating of these models. Tip: when installing the outdoor compressor necessary for these units make sure it is placed in a shady area. This can reduce energy usage!

5. High Velocity Units

This is a new technology which is ideal for use with radiant heating systems and can be retrofitted to an entire house without unattractive wall or window units. Also known as mini-duct, these systems still use an outdoor compressor to cool the air but inside use small flexible tubing and a high pressure blower to deliver the cool air throughout your home. The small tubes are an advantage because they can be snaked and threaded through existing walls, the registers in the ceilings are approximately two inches wide instead of large metal registers we are used to. They become almost invisible when mounted properly near the top of walls or on the ceiling.

Air conditioners use a lot of energy so whatever type of air conditioning unit you choose be aware of the environmental impact and your true cooling needs. There are many manufacturers to choose from including Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Sanyo and York just to name a few.…

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Health benefits of Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is probably the most effective approaches to heat or cool your entire home nonetheless it isn’t the cheapest, when contemplating ac to your home, expense is always an essential consideration most of us prefer to spend less were ever possible. There are numerous various kinds of ducted ac below I’ll provide a brief summary of each and every. The option of which sort matches your preferences really is dependent upon your geographical area along with your life-style.

Ducted evaporative cooling is suitable to some hot dry climate like Australia or south Africa and is also very efficient at cooling your house. A fundamental description of how evaporative cooling works is, the new outside air passes with the wet filter pads of one’s evaporative air conditioner that is installed on metallic dropper situated in a central position within your property. The dropper has several lengths of flexible ducting attached to it which distributes the environment through your house and into each room with a outlet. One of many disadvantages of ducted evaporative cooling can it be will not heat your house.

Ducted air conditioning is ideal for the colder climates and is also a competent method of heating your house in places like USA,Canada as well as the northeastern of Australia. A fundamental description of how Ducted air conditioning works may be the cold air is drawn with the heat exchanger of the gas furnace unit which can be mounted in the central position within your property. The gas furnace has lengths of flexible ducting linked to it which distributes the hot air through your house and into each room that includes a outlet. the machine will likely then recirculate the hot air and repeat the procedure. Among the disadvantages of Ducted air conditioning can it be will not cool your house.

  • This kind of conditioners are very beneficial.
  • They may be found in hotels, offices, multi-storey buildings, house, shopping complexes, malls, picture- halls everywhere.
  • They’re set up in roof and controls the temperature based on the environment. This method attracts mid-air with the room and turns it into cold and warm in accordance with climate.
  • Their installation is straightforward so that as they may be fixed in roof, so they really usually do not occupy the room around the wall.
  • Single machine is capable enough in managing the temperature of entire home and also two storeys. mid-air is spread through ducts in most rooms.
  • In multi- storey buildings various ducts are placed in different storeys and single machine could do for just two stories at any given time.
  • In hot climate it gives you cooling and dehumidification and warmness in cold.
  • The zone motors may be set up in different ducts of numerous rooms to produce the heating or cooling flexible depending on your requirement.
  • They are most appropriate for many who suffer from asthma. Because they filter the environment that they attract from your surroundings making it bacteria free.

The disadvantages related to these conditioners are, their installation left you without any substitute for change it’s location according to your need. Since the conversion of required temperatures are completed with the aid of electricity, therefore the result’s in high power bills. Plus they are more costly when compared with other forms of conditioners. However installation end up being affordable in malls and offices, hospitals, and all sorts of.

It is best that before buying a conditioner contact to dealers, to understand about varied ranges you can purchase based on brands. Find the correct sized machine in accordance with your need since the higher variety of BTUs will prove to add quantity of units within your bill. And ensure which you obtain those dealers who provide maintainance services by expert technicians at regular intervals.

So you don’t have to bother with buying separate ac units for separate rooms each time a single ducted conditioner satisfies your need effectively.…

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Air Conditioning Installation

Some people fear buying an air conditioner because of the installation process. The fact is some air conditioner has quite a handy installation process. Air-con installation can be done with the hep of installation service providers or the store outdoor service given as an after-sell service . Here are some of the places you can get these services: There are companies in the UK that deal in air conditioners. These companies will sell you the best air conditioners in the market and make sure it fits the building or car you are buying for. Most of these companies have staffs who are experienced experts in installing air conditioners.

After buying the air conditioner, they will give you a specialist to install it for you. The beauty of using staff from the very company you bought it from is that these staff will do a perfect job and leave the air conditioner in perfect working conditions. These companies are such as trox technic, metany among others. If you bought your air conditioner from a store that does not offer these services, then call the mobile installers. These are companies that specialize in installing and maintaining air conditioners. They might or might not be selling the machines and usually have several employees who are deployed to various stations.

If you are looking for their services, all you have to do is call with your address and someone will be sent over. The goodness of such companies is that you can get their information even from the internet. An example of such a company is IT Room Air Conditioning – You can also find air conditioner installers using from this website air conditioning installers UK directory. This directory is detailed and will give you an installer for any kind of air conditioner you may want.

Things to Consider When Choosing Air Conditioning Installer

  • Check the qualifications of the installers. Do they have any training? Do they have any proof that they are trained installers? Make sure to check for their lenience and certificate
  • Check for their references. Are there any testimonies that they are really good at what they do. There should be a place they can refer you to check their quality.
  • Check to see if they have insurance credentials. This will put you at ease that your equipment is safe. Even if it happens that they spoil or break it, then you can easily get it replaced.
  • Air conditioners are important in every building or car. It is important to have adequate information about the types and models that are available so that you get exactly what you need.

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